The OTCT project comprises three main sets of activities:

OTCT Project activities
1. Professionally-focused teaching and learning activities

Students will prepare for the December Tradutech sessions through tutorials and professionally-oriented classroom activities based either on existing curriculum modules (project management, preparing for professional life, CAT tool implementation, etc,) or on materials shared by partners with existing resources. They will also take part in a terminology project which will allow them to work with their peers in the other partner institutions prior to the Tradutech sessions.


2. Intensive collaborative technical translation sessions or “Tradutech sessions”

Four Tradutech sessions will take place to confront students with “real-life” translation industry situations and problem-solving while remaining in an academic setting. Students work in teams to produce translations into their own language of one or several technical source documents, with near-professional deadlines and delivery specifications.

Two of the sessions will include a training of trainers component focusing on the rationale, organisation and resource requirements of a Tradutech session. Specific issues such as student and staff competence requirements, learning outcomes and evaluation will also be addressed.


3. Transferable pedagogical materials

Tradutech handbook presents, in the five languages of the participating universities in OTCT, the “Tradutech” methodology applicable to universities outside the consortium:

  • The principles and rationale of project-based translator training
  • Organisational information to enable the implementation of Tradutech sessions
  • Resources and competences required for successful implementation
  • Student, staff and professional’ profiles and testimonials