Tradutech, translation training sessions organization

Translation in a simulated professional context

Four Tradutech sessions will be organised during the project. Each five-day session will involve students setting up fictitious translation companies (i.e. teams of 8-12 students, with specific responsibilities and roles assigned to each team member), who will then carry out large-scale multilingual technical translation projects according to the specifications and deadlines set by their “clients”.


Academic preparation

Prior to the Tradutech sessions, students will receive training in technical translation, project management, quality control and translation technologies, using resources produced by different partner institutions and shared with the other partners within the project.

A joint terminology project will involve students from all the partner institutions, in order to promote cooperation.


Technical authentic documents

Source documents are authentic technical manuals, reports or multimedia materials which will be translated into the main target language(s) of the partner institutions. The source documents will be in English or in another language according to students’ native language.


Collaborative project with new technologies

Projects are managed by the students from each partner institution, using collaborative software to exchange resource materials and files and computer-assisted translation software to carry out the translations.


Recognition of participation

All students who have completed a Tradutech and the preparatory work prior to the session will be awarded 4 ECTS credits as part of their study programme.

Tradutech process