agency Group of people who provide translation services (can also be referred to as “Translation service provider” (TSP) agencia
application Email sent by an applicant to an agency, that includes curriculum and application letter. solicitud
batch Part of a document to be translated, which is divided according to the number of operators. fragmento
CAT tool (computer-aided translation) Computer software used to facilitate the translation process. herramienta TAO (traducción asistida por ordenador)
costed proposal Commercial proposition made by the general manager to the supervising committee. propuesta de costos
delegate supervisors The two second-year Master’s students who are in charge of the overall organisation of the Tradutech session (including terms of reference) and of the communication between teams and the supervising committee. supervisores delegados
DTP process Phase during which each member of an agency makes sure that the target document has the same layout as the source document. proceso de autoedición
final costed proposal Commercial proposition accepted by both parties. propuesta final de costos
final verification Last check once the document has been converted back to its original format (optional if the document does not need to be converted). comprobación final
general manager Person who represents the TSP to the clients. They set internal procedures, ensure compliance with quality assurance (QA) procedures, supervise the work of the project manager and participate in the translation process. director general
in-house translators People who are in charge of translating in each agency. traductores internos
negotiation Phase during which the general manager and the project manager discuss the project with the supervising committee. negociación
project manager Person who monitors the preparation process including preflighting, provision of technical resources, assignement of human resources  (translators, rev isers, proof-readers for the project); monitors consistency; ensures that the work schedule is met; maintains contact with the parties involved. gestor de proyectos
proof-reading Phase during which the general manager and the project manager check the target text to make sure that there is no remaining mistake (language, layout) before delivering the document. corrección de textos
recruitment phase Time during which operators send applications, do translation tests and interviews to join agencies. fase de contratación
revision Phase during which each member compares the translation produced by another member of the agency with the source text revisión
supervising committee Teachers who play the role of clients to the Translation Service Providers and grade your final projects. comité supervisor
terminology manager assistant First year master student in charge of helping the terminology manager regarding the validation of the target terms. encargado de terminología adjunto
terminology manager person who monitors the terminology process. They make sure that the operators follow the instructions concerning terminology (list of forbidden sources, context of the terms), delete duplicate entries and validate the target terms. encargado de terminología
terminology research process Phase during which each member of an agency extracts the technical terms from the source document, enters them in the terminology shuttle and searches for the target terms. proceso de documentación terminológica
terminology shuttle Spreadsheet in which the members of an agency enter the technical terms and find their target equivalent. hoja de terminología
terms of reference Document in which the Tradutech process is described in details. términos de referencia
translation test Translation examination sent by the agency to the applicant in order to evaluate their abilities. prueba de traducción